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**No Fire Bans in Effect**
Fire Danger
Moderate Fire Danger
Aguila Volunteer Fire Department #08011
Mission Statement

"Local professionals maintaining the highest level of trust
as Aguila's Fire and Rescue service providers through honor, reliability and care."
24/7 Emergency Number (928) 685-2300
Welcome to the
Aguila Volunteer Fire Department #08011 website.

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Last Updated: 10/08/2017
Proudly providing Non-stop 24/7 Emergency Response - Basic Life Support (EMT) - Fire Suppression - Mutual Aid to surrounding areas - Wild land Fire Suppression
Public Education; working with the local Elementary School & Community - Conference Room Available for Public Meetings

Fire Departments in Arizona are allowed to set fee schedules for out of district billing, Pursuant to A.R.S. 48-805.B.14 or 48-814. The Aguila Volunteer Fire District has established and set a fee schedule for services rendered to non residents and non tax payers of the district. This would include but not limited to emergency fire and medical services, standby charges and supplies used.

Property owners outside of the district may contact the AVFD to apply for fire protection through a fire contract or annexation into the district.

100 Club of Arizona

The Aguila Volunteer Fire District wishes to thank the 100 Club of Arizona for all of their help with the grants we have recently received. The 100 Club does an amazing job helping all of the fire and police departments in the state. It is impossible to say "Thank You" enough to this great organization.

To help, click to visit the 100 Club of Arizona website.

Get involved in our community -  click to learn more

We have received grants to help purchase equipment
to keep our volunteers and residents safe....read more!
Welcome to the Aguila Volunteer Fire District web site, and to our organization.
Our goal is to provide fire suppression, life safety and fire education to the community.
To this end our web site is set up to help us interact and provide information to the public.

Spring & Summer will soon be here - the wildflower season in our area should be beautiful!
Please thingk ahead about the wild fire season and keep your yards clear of brush & weeds.

As always it is our honor to serve you!
Clint White, Fire Chief
Thank You!
Happy Fall!
Cooler Weather is on the way (and partially here)!!!
The Monsoons were pretty rough this year
and folks are busy cleaning up their yards & repairing roofs.
Remember "safety rules" when sawing trees or climbing ladders!